Leading the witness

Climate change is real. Don’t get me wrong. Even before we started pumping CO2 into the atmosphere like it was going out of style it has always been happening — we have just accelerated it.  But these days, despite the notorious deniers, you cannot participate in a story about nature without it coming to the fore.

Take this past week. It’s been a wild week in the oceans down here in Southern California. First there was the proliferation of great white shark sightings, then an 18 foot long oar fish, followed by a rare saber tooth (or is is an even rarer Ginko-toothed beaked whale?), and another oar fish (this time a 14 foot baby).  Must be global warming. Right?

Rare Sea Monsters

Well my sources say that is what every interviewer wants our scientists to say. They try to lead them down that path — warm ocean, unseasonable temperatures acidification?

Sea Serpent?

Climate change is real: but let’s not lead the witness. These discoveries are remarkable enough without ascribing them to global warming.  They are giving us a glimpse of the unseen beauty of the ocean. Isn’t that reason enough to protect it? I think so.

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