It’s eco-friendly, right?

But is it green?
But is it green?

I was in Traders Joe this evening and excited to find a cheap eco-friendly wine. Actually a magnum in a bag. It’s like boxed wine without cutting down the trees! And from Hopland!! Sonoma wine country, and a place I know well from my trips up the Redwood Highway.  What could be better: (almost) local wine in a light-weight container?  It has all of the taste and none of the waste. Right? But hold on. The wine in the bag was grown and produced in France.

Now I am totally confused. What’s better for the environment? Local wine in a heavy glass bottle that likely only gets used once and is grown in a vineyard cut into the forest in a region where groundwater is being depleted? Or wine shipped in bulk from France and packaged and sold in a resealable bag? And when I say better, what do I mean? Carbon footprint? Water footprint? Taste?


Of course I could give up wine and just drink water. But around here that’s a proprietary blend of depleted groundwater, the Colorado RIver, the northern Sierra and the Owens Valley. Now I am totally confused. Guess I will stick to water and wine, and the occasional Scotch. — it’s footprint is another story altogether.

What’s your eco-poison?

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