From the Redwoods to the Ocean

I’m headed south to Santa Monica as the new CEO of Heal the Bay.

I’ll be trading this:

Point Reyes National Sea Shore

for this:

HTB 086

Some might say I am crazy! (well, if you live in northern California). But I’m not!  It’s easy to take the ocean for granted — it’s that big blue expanse over the last horizon.  It’s also critical to our life — and no where more so than in LA and Southern California.

  • IT’S LIFE GIVING The ocean provides 70% of the world’s oxygen. Santa Monica Bay, part of a complex ecosystem, is home to thousands of marine species.
  • IT’S GOOD BUSINESS Nearly 400,000 jobs in Los Angeles County are ocean-related, responsible for $10 billion annually in wages and $20 billion in goods and services.
  • IT’S THERAPY Some 50 million people visit Santa Monica Bay beaches each year, finding recreational value in a myriad of activities. In a highly urbanized metropolis, the shoreline offers needed open space and respite from the busy world.
  • IT ‘S CONNECTING We are all linked to the sea via L.A.’s network of watersheds.  A day on the beach binds us together , regardless of socio-economic background
  • IT’S WHO WE ARE When people think of Southern California, they think of sunshine and surf. Beaches are part of our collective DNA and cultural history.

Protecting the ocean is also a complex proposition. Fortunately it’s something that Heal the Bay has excelled at for more than 25 years. I am excited to join a great team as it enters its next phase of work.  When we get it right there,  it will become a model that coastal communities around the world can learn from. Here we go!

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