It’s a bugs life

Elk may be beautiful, majestic animals, but if you’re a young boy they are beaten out by a tiny bug any day of the week. I know as I experienced it first-hand last week.

PtReyesBugs 083

Life on the trail
Life on the trail

I’d gone with friends up to Point Reyes for a few days. On a misty morning we took the trail out towards Tomales Point, hoping to see elk. We weren’t disappointed. The elk clustered along the road on the drive in and stood framed against the skyline as we started out on the trail.  But elk are distant and not very interactive. Of much keener interest to the four boys were the countless bugs we encountered on the trail, from potato beetles and ear wigs, to crickets and lady bugs (or lady birds as we call them in England for some strange reason).  They crowded over them. Picked them up. Moved them off the trail. Counted their spots. Looked for ones with different patters. Wondered where the eyeballs are on crickets. And generally crawled around on  the narrow  dirt trail that cuts through the coastal scrub.

We never made it out very far, but we had a wonderful time exploring the world close at hand.


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