Places I Love: Eden and Mallerstang Common

I’m headed back to the north of England in my mind today — to the Eden Valley and the wild open spaces of Mallerstang Common. The River Eden is unusual for England in that it flows from south to north — uphill as it were. It rises in the open moorland of Mallerstang Common on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales. This is an ancient landscape full of tales of of dragons, Arthurian knights, and the wild adventures of highway man Dick Turpin.

Mallerstang Common
Mallerstang Common

If you walk one of the old tracks that runs along the edge of the moorland you’ll come across the first (or last) Eden Benchmark. This beautiful piece of sculpture is one of ten that mark the passage of the river from source to sea. The sinuous gap in the sculpture remembers the sinuous form of the river as it cuts a path between the granite to the south and gritstone to the north.  We turned around at that point and retraced our footsteps back to the car, but the benchmark still beckons and invites me to explore Eden and find the other nine that still await.

Do you know of any other sculpture trails set into beautiful landscapes?

Eden Benchmark watches over the vale
Eden Benchmark watches over the vale

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