It’s time to bike to work!

BikeToWorkDay 050BikeToWorkDay 049BikeToWorkDay 051It’s Bike to Work day here in the Bay Area — or in my case, time to Bike to School. I am fortunate I get to do this a lot at the moment — either with a couple of kids on the back of my Xtrabike, or as we did today my son hops on his bike and we ride together.

It’s a lot of fun.  The city has done some good work to paint bike lanes and put bike stands around, but there’s so much more that could be done to make this fun and safe.

It would be great to see our city streets become places built for bikes, pedestrians, strollers and kids and where cars are visitors — tolerated but forced to slow down.   At the moment, my almost six year old spends most of his time riding on the sidewalk and getting off to cross streets. It would be great to see the region design a network of segregated lanes where we can ride safely and get around together. Come on Bay Area — you pride yourself on being green. Let’s work to catch up with Seattle, Portland and Minneapolis  and become a leader in this field.

The East Bay Bicycle Coalition is doing some great advocacy work in this respect — pushing to include bike friendly streets in transportation projects. It seems like we also need state-level leadership to knit these local initiatives into a state-wide effort to create a safe bicycle infrastructure for the State of California.

It would be great one day to be able to cycle from Crescent City to Carlsbad  on safe and segregated bike lanes. What a trip that would be! Perhaps by the time my son is riding with his son it will be a reality!

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