Questing at Muir Woods

Day two of spring break — and we moved the adventure from Cal Academy and Golden Gate Park to Muir Woods. A place I have spent many hours and never tire of. Each time I go I discover something new. It constantly amazes me that a place essentially surrounded by the hubbub of the Bay Area can feel so quiet and peaceful — even with tour buses disgorging countless visitors each hour.

Muir Woods
Muir Woods — a sanctuary by the bay
Muir Woods 016
Questing underway!

What you may not know is that Save the Redwoods League worked with staff at Muir Woods to create a fun Quest that guides you around the woods — essentially a poetic treasure hunt that has you counting posts, looking for different plants, exploring goose pens and even skipping through the woods all while learning about the redwoods that tower above you.  It was a perfect way to distract two boisterous boys — with the promise of treasure hidden at the end of the trail!

We paused by the creek right by the parking lot — a place few people visit and where even fewer stay — while we hunted for life in the creek. It was wonderful to see the tiny fish dart around us. And for once the kids went beyond just picking up rocks and throwing them in the water, to examining each rock for aquatic bugs before they threw them in the water!  They found countless creepy crawlies and were only disappointed that the water skater remained aloof and refused to be caught and placed in our bucket.   Next time we’ll bring a dipping net — so watch out bugs!

Muir Woods 014
Don’t hit your brother!
Muir Woods 013
Bug skeletons
Muir Woods 011
Lunch pails double as dipping pails
Muir Woods 019
Perhaps a dragon fly nymph?

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