The nature pocket

On the walk to school this morning, my son tugged my arm and pulled me back. He’d spotted a large pine cone laying in the gutter — “its not even sticky,” he yelled as he picked it up, “can we put in in the nature pocket?”

Pine Cone


Plane seed

The nature pocket is what you or might know as a water bottle holder on his backpack. Since there are two pockets, one can always double as a collectors pocket for my budding naturalists. I think this is a much better use! Today it collected the pine cone and a prickly seed pod from a plane tree. But it’s no stranger to redwood cones, leaves, flowers, feathers, sticks and the odd rock — all collected on our short walk to school. Sometimes they might stay in there for days, going back and forth until we remember to empty it out and admire the natural treasures that he and his brother collect. It’s like a nature table, only more portable.

They find the hunt endlessly fascinating and I am surprised by how much nature is hidden in what to me looks like an ordinary concrete sidewalk. One day perhaps we’ll hit it big and find an elusive turkey feather. That would be a day to remember!

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