The sidewalk as playground

Turns out, walking to school can be a lot of fun and it is also good for you!  There’s a lot been written about the health and psychological benefits of walking to school – lowers obesity, improved learning at school, etc. I think its not just the physical exercise, it can also be an awful lot of fun as my two kids have proved every day for the past few months.

My Kindergartener and his younger brother walk, skip and jump to school every day. Along the way they turn a pretty mundane sidewalk into a wild adventure playground with a different obstacle and challenge at every turn.

They play hop scotcth….

Hop Scotch

….they have running races…on your marks, set, go…

marks set go!

…as they dash for 100 yards down the side walk….

100 yard dash

….to a drain cover that acts as the finish line….”I win!”

school run 010

…they jump to avoid the hot lava….

jump and avoid the hot lava

….they walk along the balance beam…..

school run 005

….leaping the chasm with one bound….

chasm leap!

….climb the fire hydrants……

school run 008

…until finally we arrive at the school gate….

school run 009

…warmed up and ready to learn!

Of course, its even better when its raining as the biggest puddle in the neighborhood is in the middle of the Kindergarten playground. Best place for it, I say!

And then I return home with the youngest one and we search for turkeys. But that is another story for another day.

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